What is The EasyEat?

The EasyEat is an elevated pet feeder that has been created to improve the wellbeing of pet's during feeding.

Our team have achieved this, whilst simultaneously re-designing the traditional dog bowl, into an elevated dog bowl that is artistically inspired to fit beautifully into your home.

From our customers


Easy Eating now for my two boys 💙💙
Always thought I would try a feeder that helped with my boys digestion and posture and on seeing these ones I took the plunge and couldn’t be happier ….. My youngest had boas surgery and was forever chasing his food around the bowl but no more 😊 He doesn’t gulp and eats with complete ease ….. Game changer for us I couldn’t be happier and the quality is perfect 🤩 I would highly recommend 👌🏼


Prior to purchasing the EasyEat my French Bulldog would regurgitate every meal but day one of using this it stopped completely. I never thought it would completely solve this issue, I mainly purchased this for better posture as his other raised feeder wasn’t the right height for him. I am over the moon and have recommended this to friends who own brachy dogs.


Finally the perfect dish!
I have been looking forever for the perfect dish! It had to be a single dish, the perfect height for my boy, perfect simple design, the perfect colour, the perfect size and easy care! Well EasyEat hit all my perfects. I highly recommend it and so does my boy Frankie. 👍🏻

Trish L.

Proven to Improve Pet Health


Dishwasher friendly

Here are some of the health benefits your pet could gain:

  • Improved digestion
  • Straight posture
  • Alignment
  • Eye protection
  • Joint aid
  • Open airways
  • Slower eating
  • Improved ability to breath
  • Reduced acid reflux
  • Reduced post meal sickness
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Human friendly features

  • Dishwasher proof insert
  • Stackable
  • Removable insert
  • Insert tabs
  • Built in TPE feet
  • Non toxic, Food grade materials
  • Handles
  • Easy Cleaning
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A natural, healthy eating position for your dogs

Aids neck and spine health and helps maintain good posture

About us...

The EasyEat has been created by passionate pet lovers in the UK to combine improving our pets health while fitting in with your home’s style.

We know the harm that is caused to our pets, especially flat faced dogs with the unhealthy eating position from traditional bowls and even raised dog bowls. We set out to change this by working with numerous vets and rescue charities.

We want to spread awareness, enhance our pets’ health giving them an improved quality of life. We are doing this with a beautifully designed raised pet feeder that you would be proud to have in your home.

We have already seen the difference and will not stop until we can give as many pets "The EasyEat Posture" as possible.

Why is the EasyEat different?
The difference between a normal/raised dog bowl and The EasyEat is the open, edgeless entry which creates a natural feeding position, a straight back, elongated neck with a forward facing head creating open airways. Opening airways is essential for flat faced breeds as they are prone to suffer with narrow, nasal passages and windpipes which leads to breathing problems.

EasyEat Design
Neutral Pastel colours which makes the elevated dog bowl versatile and adaptable to different home styles and pet breeds. Our beautiful, simplistic style makes The EasyEat a timeless piece.

As Seen In


Removable insert

A food grade, *dishwasher proof insert which has tabs on the side for user friendly removal. Also suitable for a water station.


Easy for storage and transport for multi pet households.

Non-Toxic rubber feet

Specially designed with over-mould technology for built in pet safe rubber feet to keep the EasyEat raised dog bowl in place during feeding as well as protecting floors.


EasyEat is environmentally friendly and recyclable.