The EasyEat Charity Initiative

Whilst creating and testing The EasyEat we have seen so many amazing dogs that have been rescued struggle with complex medical issues. We are on a mission to help as many dogs as we can live a happier, healthier life.

We are lucky enough to work with some amazing charities who specialise in rescuing flat faced breeds from across the world. We trial our samples and test new products with numerous pugs, French bulldogs, British bulldogs and other cross breeds with great success. Seeing dogs with complex issues enjoying and benefiting from The EasyEat has been amazing to see.

The EasyEat Charity Initiative is a group of selected animal rescues who we support by giving 1% of our profits and donated EasyEats to help aid the rescue dogs. We want to continually support these charities whilst adding to our initiative along our journey.

Currently the Initiative supports the following charities:

French Bulldog Saviours

Return to Rescue Campaign

We are introducing a return to rescue campaign to firstly help our charity initiative partners however also to add to our eco credentials.

The return to rescue campaign gives our customers a chance to help our charity initiative partners by donating their EasyEat to the charity initiative once they are finished with it. All our customers have to do is return the feeder to us with a little note and we will then distribute it to our partners.